Have we stopped moving?

For a long time, I have enjoyed the intersection of technology and sport – and there’s plenty of numbers involved there as well. And while I don’t see myself as any real athlete, numbers have provided me a with constant reminder that I’m not even close to professional triathletes like Terenzo or Aaron. A few […]

Is Change The New Black?

I took on the little challenge a few weeks ago to pen a piece that spoke to how things had changed for me on a personal level, be it my little microcosm of life, and where I thought the real gold was – by the way, I’m panning for more as the days roll on. […]

Interview: First Off The Bike – Part 2

Who the hell is Shawn Smith? It turns out that he’s the man behind the men responsible for some of the best triathlon racing in the country over the last year. Shawn manages Tim Van Berkel, arguably Australia’s best 8-hour racer and Aaron Royle, Olympic hopeful and ITU’s rising star. Shawn isn’t your stereotypical athlete […]

Interview: First Off The Bike – Part 1

Who the hell is Shawn Smith? He works for a large Aussie telecommunications company. He doesn’t have a background in triathlon. On the weekend you might find him racing criterium at the Footscray Cycling Club in Melbourne’s West. So, why on earth is FOTB talking to Shawn Smith? Good question! What you may not know is that […]

The changing face of retail in Australia

Australia is far ahead of any developing nation when it comes to the adoption of smartphones and tablets however its a far cry from the experience they will have inside of a retail store. Below is some insight for the retailer and how the consumer is wanting to interact and much more. The changing face […]

Jump the tracks

Original ideas are hiding all around us, we just can’t see them. You have to force your brain to jump the tracks of normal thought – Kevin Rose.